With the inherent vulnerability of paper, electronic document management and records management software are ideal tools for keeping critical data secure from unauthorized viewing and tampering, as well as protecting records in cases of disaster and supporting Federal Continuity of Operations requirements.

Our FederalDox Controlled/Classified Documents software allows you to:

  • Centralize Records and Files
  • Instantly Access Documents
  • Secure Confidential Documents
  • Redact Confidential Information
  • Manage Collaborative Projects
  • Track Document Usage
  • Improve collaboration between agencies and exchange of information among staff
  • Adhere to federally-mandated security, privacy and retention initiatives

With built in Records Management Integration, you can “Declare-in-place” new formal records, automatically applying security and retention policies. Metadata and search key words are preserved, and, unless superseded by RM rules, all security protocols and access permissions remain intact.

All of the above features of FederalDox result in affordable solutions for complete, fully compliant and DoD 5015.2 Certified management system.

FederalDox provides a powerful yet highly configurable and flexible Controlled and Classified Document Management solution, based on your business rules, that simplifies the user experience for your team.