FederalDox Correspondence and Request Management system is designed for Federal and Public Sector agencies that have felt the burden of increased public records requests, communication, FOIA requests and correspondence. With information and correspondence now more complicated and requiring coordination of activities across many departments, agencies are seeking a solution to a growing business problem.

The FederalDox Correspondence and Request Management system completely customizes itself to adapt to your business process and workflows.

  • Manage Request routing and signoffs with integrated business process automation
  • Track duplicate or prior similar requests
  • Manage request or correspondence deadlines
  • Modify documents with integrated Markups, annotation or redactions
  • Ensure proper format using managed Letter, Email and form templates
  • Report on all Activity
  • Track Fees and related costs
  • Generate Custom Reports

FederalDox can capture user requests and communications received via letter, website, email, fax, or walk-in. It handles all aspects of the request process by logging, routing, managing, generating letters and delivering required documents. This helps agencies meet and exceed all deadlines or SLA’s. Other key benefits include:

  • Reduce staff time to process requests for correspondence
  • Improve overall response times
  • Better cross department communications and coordination
  • Handle Requests consistently with pre-defined processes
  • Ensure proper legal, HR or management approvals for communications and requests
  • Track trends in communications and requests

FederalDox provides a powerful yet highly configurable and flexible Correspondence and Request Management solution, based on your business rules, that simplifies the user experience for your team.