With FederalDox contract management solution, you can track project routing, specific data on terms and conditions, renewals and make that information easily accessible to authorized users. Contract stakeholders, sponsors and administrators are kept in the loop during the contract review process and routing.

  • Report on specific contract data
  • Automate review and approval processing
  • Manage version control
  • Generate notifications and alerts for key milestones and contract dates
  • Scan documents and process through OCR to create searchable PDFs
  • Generate reminders for expiring contracts requiring renewal


Increase productivity - Automate your contract authoring and approval processes. Get reminded of expiring contracts well before the deadline.
Easy Access to Contracts – Make contracts and related document readily available as needed. Easily locate, markup, redact, print and send contacts to users.
Control access to your documents - permission-based access by role and by metadata can be control access on an individual basis or by groups.
Consistent Contracts – Generate new documents from system templates ensuring the correct, current version of a document is always used.

FederalDox provides a powerful yet highly configurable and flexible Legal Documents and Contracts Management solution, based on your business rules, that simplifies the user experience for your team.