Our FederalDox solution goes beyond standard Document Management systems, offering full business applications with strong Document Management integration. You can leverage this innovative architecture to manage not only your project documents, but also any other types of business information associated with your project, including project approvals, charters, assignments and budget.

Custom Views - There are often numerous roles in a project organization, and different roles generally need to access the same information differently. Each user’s view of the application can be custom tailored to give them access to only the portions they require for their Role.

Replace Shared Drives - One common issue when using a web-based project repository is that it is a separate information silo where content gets duplicated, assuming that users remember to use it. Very often the most current version sits on someone’s PC or lost on a network share. One misplaced file can account for hour or days of lost productivity. Imaging being able to control how documents are filed, named, secured, indexed and used. Also imagine being able to provide quick search (both on metadata and "full text" file contents), version control, access permissions, check-out/check-in, digital signatures, audit trails and more.

Project Resource management - Managing employees’ training, certifications and qualifications is easy with FederalDox. Easily determine who is certified to perform a certain task , provide evidence of qualifications (i.e. training certificates) and receive automatic notifications to alert project managers when employees' qualification are about to expire. These are just a few of the capabilities available to help ensuring compliance with standards such as ISO 9001.


  • Improved efficiency that comes from consolidating documentation from multiple subcontractors in a single central repository
  • Improved quality and shorter cycle times with built-in version control and audit trail features
  • Transmittal Solution to distribute documents and ensure parties use the same, correct version of information
  • Intuitive user interface promotes use and collaboration on projects
  • Flexible deployment options including cloud or on-premise solutions

FederalDox provides a powerful yet highly configurable and flexible Project Document Management solution, based on your business rules, that simplifies the user experience for your team.