FederalDox document and records management systems works together to provide for better document and record lifecycle management while simplifying the access to critical information within the organization.

FederalDox Records Management helps manage your document lifecycle, including the key basic stages in a document’s life.

  • Capture – Scanned, Faxed, Emailed, electronically submitted forms and other key documents may originate within an organization or be received from outside of the company. FederalDox capture helps you collect all of these assets and store in a central repository for management.
  • Manage – Captured documents can become an official record, starting the will be classification, declaration, and retention within the records management system. Organizational records management plans can be automatically applied.
  • Retain – Once a document becomes a record, a retention policy may be applied. Retention Policies will ensure the document is stored in a secure manner such that it cannot be altered or destroyed.
  • Deliver – Records are available to workers search, view and print for use in the normal course of business. The Records management system will allow normal consumption of documents while also ensuring that a record is not altered and cannot be deleted before its scheduled disposition.
  • Disposition – Most business records can be destroyed within a designated period of time according to the Federal ARS or GRS records retention schedules, while other records may be designated as permanent records, in which case they will never be destroyed. The disposition process will prepare documents for disposition and manage the review and approval process associated with document destruction.
  • Transfer – Permanent Records and other key documents often require transfer to NARA (National Archives and Records Administration). FederalDox will prepare package and transfer official records to NARA as defined by your business process.
  • Certified – FederalDox is fully compliant and DoD 5015.2 Certified management system guidelines.

FederalDox provides a powerful yet highly configurable and flexible Records Management solution, based on your business rules, that simplifies the user experience for your team.