With the growth of information and increased complexity of customer and regulatory requirements, FederalDox enables organizations to improve productivity, provide the highest levels of customer service, and evolve quickly as processes and priorities change.

Work Smarter and Faster

FederalDox process automation and analysis capabilities enable you to automate, manage, and improve processes involving people, information, and systems. Easily model and integrate information within high-volume, people-driven processes, and put all relevant information at a user’s fingertips with an intuitive user experience that also supports iPad.

Compose, Don't Code

Composition capabilities enable rapid design of solutions that leverage business processes, information models, and multiple data sources, including Big Data. Through an active xCP Developer Community, you can access xCelerators for sample solutions, libraries, utilities, and best practices to accelerate your time to value. Use model-based composition and reusable components to design and deploy business processes, user experiences, information models, and reports.

Benefits of FederalDox

  • Solutions are configurable
  • Configuration is faster than coding
  • Components are reusable in multiple solutions
  • End-to-end management of key business processes
  • Integration to other critical business systems inside as well as outside the enterprise
  • Complete visibility of business processes
  • Comprehensive reporting of real-time as well as historical data

Why FFT?

Forefront Technologies has been building Case Management solutions around the world for over a decade.  Our experience and proven Solution Delivery Methodology makes us one of the strongest Enterprise Content Management (ECM) service providers today.