Seamless file sync, sharing and mobile access that makes users and it happy

Syncplicity is a cloud-based solution for enterprise-class file sync, mobility and collaboration. It gives users seamless and automatic file access and sharing on every computer, mobile device, file server and business application they work in without forcing them to change the way they organize their files and folders. At the same time, Syncplicity provides IT the tools they need to protect users and their data, enforce corporate policies and dramatically reduce support and infrastructure costs. Syncplicity Business Edition was built from the ground up to support the security and scalability required by businesses of all sizes.

Effortless Sync and Access, No Data Lock In
  • No need to check in and out files — Syncplicity uses your existing folder structure so users organize files the way they want
  • Never forget a file — all your files are available and shareable even if you forget to upload them first (Syncplicity uploads them automatically)
  • First-class online and offline experience (you can access all your data even if offline)
  • No file size limits that prevent you from using the online storage you've purchased
  • Seamlessly sync and access files and folders across computers, iPhones, iPads and Android devices Automatically back up and easily recover your files
Universal Mobile Access
  • Access files and folders without dragging and dropping, and without cables
  • Military-grade security of data in transmission and on devices
  • Share files from your mobile device without needing VPN access
  • Remote-wipe files and folders if a device is lost or stolen
Easily Share and Collaborate
  • Share folders and files of any size easily
  • Have complete control over who can view or modify your files
  • Avoid problems with robust version control and conflict resolution

Safely Deploy Across Your Department or Organization
  • Protect your data with 99.999999999% data resiliency
  • Documents and encryption keys are stored in different data centers
  • Centralize administrator controls and policies
  • Easily support users through Syncplicity's Remote Help Desk features
  • Control sharing folders outside your domain
  • Remote wipe data from lost or stolen devices
  • Enforce legal, regulatory, & security compliance
  • Safeguard data with military-grade document encryption
Automatically Back Up Files
  • Automatically store files and folders from anywhere on your computer
  • Access past versions of files from the web or any mobile device

Syncplicity Overview

Simple & Secure File Sharing

Easy File Access on Any Device