Mi-Forms provides powerful & flexible mobile e-forms solutions that enable enterprises to eliminate their paper processes and streamline data collection. A Mi-Forms form is an electronic representation of a printed form, containing all of the normal handwritten fields found on paper forms, but also includes elements found only with electronic forms, such as picklists, barcodes, digital photos, audio files, GPS and user reference materials. Mi-Forms will streamline and eliminate extra steps and errors in your previous processes, making your systems more effective even when you are offline. And automating your data collection process makes information available in near real-time, giving you more speed in invoicing, trend analysis and summary reporting.

Mi-Forms features include:

  • Business Rules: Business rules may be added to a form to enforce quality data collection. Such rules avoid missing data, flag potential errors or submission of bad data.
  • Feedback: The form designer can specify real-time feedback during data collection. The feedback may occur when data is entered, calculations are performed or when business rules are violated.
  • Datapaths: A Mi-Forms Datapath controls the export of data to an external database. Such exports can be simple file exports, like XML, CSV, or a variety of image file formats. In addition, a datapath can utilize ODBC to connect to a wide variety of DBMSes.
  • Flexibility: Exports from the Mi-Forms platform can be integrated into almost any backend system and runs on a wide range of hardware including: Laptops, Desktops, iPads, Android Slates, Tablet PCs, Anoto Digital Pens with paper, Virtual & On-premise Servers, Workstations and more.
  • Enterprise Server: An enterprise-class administrative server for central management of users, forms & data flows, version control, audit trails and routing workflows.

The Mi-Forms System includes:

  • Mi-Forms Designer
  • Mi-Forms Client
  • Mi-Forms Server